About Curatio Capital™

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Curatio CapitalTM is as a division of CCG Curatio Capital Group AG, a joint stock corporation registered in Chur / Switzerland. We are a member of the CCG Group of Companies.

Curatio Capitalâ„¢ focuses on studying, negotiating, and securing adequate finance (Structured Finance) for domestic and export markets throughout the world. Our approach is risk-based, location-based, and structure-based.

Commercially viable business opportunities, solid proposals, and strong potential clients are identified and recognized on a selective basis. Each request is carefully assessed (diagnostics / evaluation) and goes through a comprehensive Assessment Process in accordance with prudent financial practices. All important aspects (technical, market, marketing, financial, legal, etc.) are closely evaluated. A situation –adapted and concise examination is imperative in order to provide quality recommendations for consideration to the potential investors, funds, and trusts.

We concentrate on projects (concession, privatization, expansion, joint-venture, technology transfer, restructuring, rehabilitation, etc.) located all over the world. The goal is to advance the project funding proposal to the bankable feasibility stage, which means that it will be financeable in accordance with the constantly changing parameters of our Group and our Associates. Our team of experienced professionals is available at your request.